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Hadrien Majoie

Majoie specialises in Blockchain technologies, and owns a holding company within the Fintech industry, based in Malta. He has a passion for contributing value to the society at large. This has sparked his interest and enthusiasm in having all the works of Johann Adam Weishaupt translated from German And Latin to the English and French languages and thus having such philosophical works accessible to and appreciated by a wider public.

Hadrien holds also significant interest and knowledge in crypto economics and has worked on Ethereum before their ICO with subsequent development thereafter.

Hadrien is also a certified forensic locksmith and an expert in invisible networks and invisible risks. He is a patron of some of the largest information security conferences around the world, of prominent non-profit organisations such as TOR and Electronic Frontier Foundation and also several charity events and charity projects.

Josef Wäges

Josef Wäges 32° Freemason, is a member of the Blue Friars, member of Plano Lodge #768, Fate Lodge #802, the Dallas Valley of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (Southern Jurisdiction), Fellow of the Grand College of Rites, full member of the Texas Lodge of Research, Michigan Lodge of Research and life member of the Missouri Lodge of Research. Editor of The Secret School of Wisdom, the Authentic Rituals and Doctrines of the Illuminati, L’École secrète de sagesse, Rituels et doctrines authentiques des Illuminati: Une école secrète de Sagesse, and On Materialism and Idealism. He is currently preparing the forthcoming books, Ecossais Masonry: A History of the High Degrees from the Scots Master to the Order of the Royal Secret, for SRRS, The Columbian Illuminati, The Improved System of the Illuminati.

Paul Ferguson

Paul hails from Jersey (the original one, off the coast of France) and worked as a technical translator in the Benelux and Switzerland for many years before turning to book translation. He has since been responsible for the first translations into English of many texts from the Western esoteric tradition from French, German, Latin and Romanian, including works on alchemy for Adam McLean, Rosicrucian and Jungian texts, unpublished manuscripts on the Templars and the origins of the Scottish Rite, and Dr. Marc Haven’s biography of Cagliostro. He collaborates internationally with investigators of secret societies and historical mysteries, assisting them with their foreign-language researches. For the Weishaupt edition he has edited Materialism and Idealism and has translated The Improved System of the Illuminati. He is currently completing a translation of the third title in the series, Apology for Displeasure and Evil.

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