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The Collected Works of 

Adam Weishaupt 

For the first time in history, The Collected Works of Adam Weishaupt, offers the world access to the complete published writings of Adam Weishaupt, in English, French, and the original German.

These important texts were originally published in Germany and in very limited quantities in the late eighteenth century, and have heretofore been largely inaccessible to humanity.

The series explores the thoughts, ideas, and philosophy of Adam Weishaupt, and provides context and critical insight into his very essence and by extension the Order of the Illuminati from the founder’s perspective. Historians, Philosophers and the public in general will find a rich tapestry of ideas to explore and contemplate.

Volume I

The Illuminati Writings


The Illuminati Writings are representative of the books produced by Weishaupt, and are related to his experience during the creation and down fall of the Illuminati Order. The Illuminati Order was active from 1776-1788, and the bulk of these books were written after its demise, in response to the book war ignited by the Bavarian government to shame the Order and Weishaupt in 1787.